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What would you like to do in Reading Sparks? Take our personality quiz to help you decide! There are no right or wrong answers (it’s just a bit of fun).

Question 1

You are organising a birthday party for your best friend. What would be the first thing you do?

A I would get things organised, putting together an invite list and making sure people are onboard to help me.

B I would check out different party decoration suppliers to try and get an awesome look.

C I would design an eye catching invitation.

D I would work out a music set to play on the night.

Question 2

You are taking part in a team challenge and are given a difficult task that you have to complete within a set amount of time. How would you tackle it?

A I would plan it out, working out a project timeline and when everything needs to happen.

B I would make sure I get expert help, finding out all the facts in advance so that I am well prepared.

C I would do a mind map, sketching out some ideas before picking out the best one.

D I would think of a number of different ways to approach it, then ask my team which they think would be best.

Question 3

You are working in the production team for a primetime live TV show. The opening show has just finished. What would give you the most satisfaction?

A The team all worked well together and everything went off without a hitch.

B It received the highest viewings of the night.

C Social media went wild about the show’s unique format.

D The stars of the show gave a great performance.

Question 4

Which of these statements best describes you?

A I am super-organised and like to keep a notebook full of ideas.

B I am good at asking questions and getting information out of people.

C I am highly creative with an artistic eye.

D I am a fantastic communicator and like to give instructions and explain things to other people.

Question 5

How do you work in a team?

A I am the motivator! I am good at getting other people excited and enthused about what needs to be done.

B I am the listener! I hear everyone’s opinions about a subject and can sum-up what’s been said.

C I am the ideas person! I can quickly see how to develop ideas when suggested by other people.

D I am the one that gives instructions! I can gather the key information and make sure it gets to the right people.


Add up all the times you selected A, B, C or D as an answer and use the table below to find out what Reading Sparks activities you might enjoy.

Mostly A?

You are a collaborator, open minded and organised. You can turn your hand to any of the Reading Sparks activities, but you may thrive choosing STEM themes and selecting accompanying activities as these give you an opportunity to plan the bigger pictire, but also decide some of the detail that is really going to give your activities the edge.

Mostly B?

You are curious, imaginative and committed. You have a natural ability to find out new information and make sound decisions on what is presented to you. You can see connections between two things, sometimes spotting things that others may have missed. It would be great for you to try organising and planning events as you will be able to reflect on other’s opinions and figure out a sound way forward.

Mostly C?

You are creative, logical and a great communicator. You have a flair for bringing things to life with your ideas and presentation style. You would be fantastic at presenting your ideas and promoting activities as you will be able to think creatively around the themes and come up with some great ways to engage your audience with it.

Mostly D?

You are a communicator, resilient and patient. You can take ideas and information and present it to any audience as you understand that you have to try different ways of communicating depending on who you are talking to. You should think about presenting activities to families as you get a buzz out of interacting with other people.